Interpreatation and modelling of the received kinetic data is essential to understand the measured phenomena. Our team use for example Maple and Mathlab softwares to model biophysical processes.
Collaboration partners: Eötvös Lóránd University

Optical guided mode traveling in the x direction detects the surface adsorbed protein layer through the
exponentially decaying evanescent field of the mode. 
The evanescent wave extends into the protein film
and senses the deposited 
molecules through their inherent refractive index. The orientation of the 
proteins in the adsorbed layer is detected by the y and z electric field components of modes.


Pressure distribution.
Typical pressure distribution in case of free-slip boundary conditions imposed on the bottom
of the Petri dish, calculated by numerical simulations. 

Numerical simulation
Steps of the numerical simulation to model inhomogeneous adlayers as homogeneous thin films.


Wave propagation in grating coupled dielectric optical waveguide sensor at off and on resonance.

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