The commercial kinetic analysis software packages dedicated for specific biosensor platforms (e.g., Creoptix WAVEcontrol, Biacore Insight) or distributed as universal biosensor kinetic analysis programs (e.g., Scrubber) may be effective for the evaluation of specific binding kinetics. However, these programs are not equipped to analyze the kinetics of non-specific adsorption. Furthermore, they subsume several experimental parameters, e.g. characterizing the hydrodynamic conditions, into one parameter (km) and hence do not permit sophisticated calculations. There is a pronounced lack of available user-friendly evaluation platforms, which would enable such sophisticated analysis.

The main feature that the NBS-Kinetics software offers is the fitting and simulation of kinetic data representing non-specific binding/adsorption of proteins, biomolecules or polymers and particles. In addition, fitting and simulation of L-A type specific binding events or any reasonable ODE systems with varying parameters are also implemented. The software accepts surface mass density or any type of measured biosensor response (R) data.


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