In our review paper (Saftics et al. Data evaluation for surface-sensitive label-free methods to obtain real-time kinetic and structural information of thin films: a practical review with related software packages. Adv. Colloid Interface Sci, 2021) we introduce three software packages: (ⅰ) NBS-OWLSanalysis and (ⅱ) NBS-QCManalysis that allows for the evaluation of QCM and OWLS measurement data, respectively; and (ⅲ) NBS-Kinetics, which provides a kinetic analysis platform for evaluating any biosensor kinetic data, especially for characterizing adsorption kinetics. All the programs give a graphical interface where the different analysis steps are separated into tabs. The programs can be used both to load the measurement data, prepare them for the specific analysis (baseline- and offset-corrections), perform the evaluation based on the corresponding optical, mechanical or binding kinetic model, and finally to visualize data and save the results into processable formats.